Welcome To Kavita Industries

Established in 1987 by Mr. D.S.GAIKWAD (PROP.), KAVITA Industries (KI) is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of foundry chemicals. For over 25 years KAVITA INDUSTRIES has been serving the Foundry Industries, Foundry Chemicals with highest quality products like Degasers, Grain Refiners, Foundry Fluxes , Coatings, (Ti & Sr) Modalloys , (Mn, Cu, Fe) Adal tablets, AITi5B1 coils, Boron Hardener, Magnesium, Ingots, Fast Melting Silicon, Ceramic Foam Filters, Crucibles, Castables, etc. used in Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Brass foundries.

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Our products enhance the melt quality and is an essential requirement for all foundries.

  • Primary Aluminium Smelters
  • Secondary Aluminium Smelters
  • Extrusion Industry
  • Conductor Wire Plants
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In order to meet the ever growing Global requirements, KAVITA INDUSTRIES has 3 sophisticated manufacturing units and Head office in Mumbai, the financial Capital of India. Our head office is located in the prime location of city All our manufacturing units...

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